Sunday, November 4, 2007


(Sketch book)

Here is an update on one of the backgrounds I posted. I took a page out of my sketch book that I liked and painted it onto this. But I have a problem. I'm not exactly sure what saying, quote, word, etc. I should put in the smoke. Any ideas?


Matt Brooks said...

I saw this in your sketchbook and really liked it. I like it even better as a painting and I especially like the colors you used. I'm trying to give you ideas about what she should be saying... it kind of looks like shes seducing someone (to me at least). I just typed seduce into an online thesaurus and these words came up: attract, allure, tempt, entice, beguile, inveigle

Maybe tempt? or temptation? Just some ideas but it looks great

lhsap2AllenC said...

Hay Kirsten, I like this piece and I had an idea like this earlier this week of painting a picture and portraying a message or thought without bluntly saying it in a word or thought bubble. Of course being the immature highschooler that I am the sentence, "Was it good for you?" came to mind, but this is probably not something you would want to put in the bubble. I think you should start by brainstorming what you would like this piece to be about; the options are endless. For example say you wanted to show satire in smoking and how its bad for you, you could insert some sarcastic quote in the box. Good luck and I'm curious to see what you come up with. Later Skater

mberghall said...
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mberghall said...

i like the last one. i really like the brush strokes in the background and the simple drawing. i love the way this piece looks.