Monday, December 3, 2007

Concentration Piece 3 (kind of)

Confession... I went through a huge artists block today and had no ideas/inspiration. I sat thinking forever and stressed myself out sooo much because I have all this pressure on myself to do better than I did last year. And I do believe I can do better than I did last year, my goal is to make my concentration this year really well done so I can at least score higher than a 3 and I felt that I shouldn't do a piece just because of a time frame and be rushed. I really didn't want to rush myself and do something bad because that is exactly what I did last year and I was not happy with the outcome. Here is what I have for this piece so far and I have no idea what to do/what the habit/addiction should be. I know you have all seen this and its nothing new but here it is... See you all tomorrow, hope you all did well on your three pieces.


lhsap2McKenzieL said...

well, just a thought. but maybe you could do like a overweight budda-esque looking guy filling up the bottom of the painting. cause a bad habit is over eating. he could be like white with a black outline?

lhsap2MichaelA said...

i think the black lines should lead to a big mouth or something. the food should definitely relate to eating too much.