Sunday, April 13, 2008

Check list

What has been completed, and what needs to be completed...

1. Smoking - DONE
2. Swearing - DONE
3. Tattoos - DONE
4. Scandalous - DONE
5. Not Eating - DONE
6. Plastic Surgery - DONE
7. Drugs - DONE
8. Self - DONE
9. Eating - Not done
10. Drinking - Need to start
11. Have a few ideas, not so sure yet
12. Same as above

Some might think that I need to catch up on things. This is more of an official update for myself. Yes I do need to get some work done, which for the record I am, but I am also not stressing out about it. Last year I had more than this to do and I got everything done just in time. I'm good with deadlines, for the most part, and I know that I HAVE to get this done, so I will and on time.

1 comment:

lhsapMegD said...

Yeah, I have the same thing going on. i'm still working on my 9th piece and then I have 3 more to do. hopefully I'll be able to be done by the cut-off date too